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The Kōtia Story

In the pristine, misty mountain foothills of New Zealand’s South Island, herds of deer graze contentedly on wild grasses and thistles. Roaming freely, they thrive in this idyllic environment of mountain-fed rivers and vast, open plains. At one with their surroundings, these mystical animals are unaware they hold the key to the world’s most precious skincare secret.

Kōtia is a combination of Maori words bringing together young women (kō) and deer (tia). We believe this respectfully pays tribute to the origins of our brand. Click below for pronunciation.

Our Story
Our Story

A symbol of grace
and abundance

Admired for their grace and longevity, deer are genetically blessed. Not only are they intelligent and elegant, they can withstand extreme weather conditions while feeding their fast-growing fawns on their richly nourishing milk.

Throughout the ages, the deer has been recognised as a symbol of regeneration. For North American native tribes, the deer represents sensitivity and intuition. For Buddhists they are synonymous with harmony, longevity and happiness. While the Chinese revere deer as a symbol of abundance and life-giving properties.

An unexpected discovery on
a remote New Zealand farm

In 2012, a group of entrepreneurial farmers from the Otago region of the South Island – who were in the process of trying to produce cheese from 100% pure New Zealand deer milk – made a promising and unexpected discovery.

On Clachanburn Station, near Ranfurly, a milk hand noticed that her weathered and work-worn skin had been transformed over the milking season. Her hands had become softer and less aged in appearance, while her nails had grown stronger and less prone to breakage.

Our Story
Our Story

Naturally potent, scientifically proven

After analysis by a leading team of scientists, it was found that New Zealand deer milk possesses many unique skin-enhancing benefits. It is packed full of antioxidants, nutrients and anti-inflammatory agents including retinol (vitamin A), folic acid (vitamin B9), vitamin E and vitamin D3, which help nourish the skin and can help reduce the signs of aging.

The scientists also discovered that deer milk – already proven to have the highest fat, protein and amino acid content of any milk available for human nutrition* – is a rich source of calcium, phosphorus and zinc.

In addition, the make-up of deer milk has been unchanged for millennia, having avoided human intervention unlike commercially produced milk from cows, sheep and goats.

As a result of being so loaded with essential minerals, vitamins, proteins and restorative properties, it became apparent that pure New Zealand Deer milk had the potential to transform the world of skincare.

Skincare’s latest secret is revealed

kōtia, the world’s first deer milk skincare was born – New Zealand's only skincare range made with 100% pure New Zealand Deer milk.

Working with New Zealand’s most respected skincare formulation technologist, kōtia’s founders set out to develop the world’s most powerful skincare range to capture the uniquely nourishing and protective properties of deer milk.

kōtia’s range of products combine the goodness of natural deer milk – untouched by human hands – with scientifically researched active ingredients to nourish your precious skin.

To further ensure a premium product, kōtia is produced to the highest standards, including keeping fawns and mothers together during the milking process to provide a stress-free environment.

Its potent ingredients help provide skin with rejuvenating nourishment and hydration which can help prevent the visible signs of aging, whilst creating a protective barrier to prevent moisture loss.

Bringing deer milk’s benefits to everyone - everywhere

Designed to be an easy, everyday solution for the discerning, results-focused woman, kōtia provides gentle yet effective skincare with luxurious, long-lasting benefits.

Naturally, we think you’ll love the way kōtia makes you look too.

*Agresearch, (2014), In-depth and production profiles of deer milk samples